Tariana Turia:

A time for other stories to be told

Moana Jackson’s bio in Imagining Decolonisation says everything about the man.

“Moana likes telling stories to and for his mokopuna and hopes they will grow up in a land where Te Tiriti is finally seen as the base for respectful political relationships. Then there will be other stories to tell.”

Moana adored his mokopuna, and he was a gifted storyteller. His life’s work was for them. Such was the humility of the man that he never presumed to speak for or of anyone else. 

Yet, as the immediate outpouring of grief following news of his passing reveals, he was widely loved, universally respected, a cherished mentor to many, an enduring influence across generations. 

Link to article: Tariana Turia: A time for other stories to be told - E-Tangata


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