Culturally significant site

to be transferred to iwi ownership

Over 60 hectares of land, including culturally significant sites, are being transferred into iwi ownership.

Kākā Hill is being transferred to Ngāti Koata ownership via an agreement between shareholders involved in the Maitahi Village development.

Koata Ltd chief executive Hemi Toia said in a statement about the arrangement that Kākā hill had significant cultural history for local iwi, and was believed to be the site of an urupā (graveyard). He said ownership of the hill was “incredibly significant” for the iwi, and there were plans to improve the maunga and make it a destination in its own right.

“The magnificent outlook across the city and out to sea that people can enjoy from Kākā Hill has the potential to make it an iconic tourist attraction for Whakatū,” Toia said.

Link to article: Culturally significant site to be transferred to iwi ownership | Stuff.co.nz


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