'Radical change':

The Northland meth rehab programme that works

Te Ara Oranga started in 2017 – it's a cross-agency initiative with police, health providers and other community organisations. 

recent evaluation report has found that there's been a 34 percent reduction in harm from offending among the people the programme’s helped. 

And for every $1 invested in Te Ara Oranga, there's been a return of between $3 and $7. 
How do people get help from Te Ara Oranga? 

Police and health providers actively seek out people who might need support for methamphetamine use. 

This means that officers don't necessarily wait for someone to have committed a crime to refer them, like many overseas models. 

"For police, it is quite a radical change," says Darren Walton. 

The idea is that agencies work together in a preventative way. 

Link to recording and article:  'Radical change': The Northland meth rehab programme that works | RNZ


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