Māori values

giving Māori businesses an edge

Nau mai haere mai ki te wāhanga tuawhā ō te pakipūmeka mō te 'Māori Economy'. Ko tēnei wāhanga e kōrero mō ngā uara Māori ō ngā pakihi Māori.

Part four of Newsroom’s six part video series looking at the Māori economy examines how the values of global consumers are starting to align with long established and practised Māori values.

The 'Tanga values' for many pakihi Māori (Māori businesses) are the foundational values on which businesses are built.

And, as consumers become more environmentally and socially conscious about what they purchase, the ingrained uara Māori within pakihi Māori is creating commercial opportunities around the world.

Māori business leaders say a values based approach to business will challenge, evolve and change how we as a country do business.

Link to video and article: Māori values giving Māori businesses an edge (newsroom.co.nz)


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