The women raising their families

in emergency housing

Carly-Mae Neill was five days old when her family of six moved into emergency housing. Nine months later, the family is still there, their tiny motel unit the only home the baby has known.

“I'm a strong person, but I find it hard,” said Debby Poulton, Carly-Mae’s grandmother, who sleeps on the couch beside Carly-Mae’s cot in the cramped living room.

The unit, in a motel complex overlooking busy Tahunanui Dr, has two small bedrooms, where the other Neill children (Sativa, 6, Eli, 5 and Ryan, 2) and their mum Felecia sleep.

Poulton goes to three or four property viewings a week, she said. Despite their good track record as tenants, they're turned down every time.

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