Children's vaccine rollout kicks off as government

warns of Omicron threat

More than 120,000 doses of the child (paediatric) Pfizer vaccine have been delivered to more than 500 vaccination sites around New Zealand as health providers today began the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccinations for children.

James Schorfield was among the first five-to-11 year olds to go to a walk-up appointment at the Mt Wellington vaccination centre, where he encountered special guest Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

He said his advice to friends was that the jab was "easier" than expected.

"It only takes like two seconds to get it done and over with," he said.

The children's dose is one third of the adult vaccine's strength, administered with a smaller needle, and it can now be booked online at one of 500 sites, or done at a walk-up clinic if accompanied by a parent.

James' mother Camilla was also able to roll up her sleeves and get a booster today, with online bookings now available for people who got a second dose at least four months ago.

"It's everybody's option to do it or not and I choose to be safe rather than sorry. With people overseas, and my family, getting Covid - there's just no ifs buts or maybes about getting it done," she said.

Link to article: Children's vaccine rollout kicks off as government warns of Omicron threat | RNZ News


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