Children's COVID-19 vaccine:

Questions about benefits, risks answered

Nearly a year on since the first COVID-19 vaccine jab was administered in New Zealand, children aged between 5 and 11 will become eligible on Monday to receive their first shot.

More than half a million doses of the children's Pfizer vaccine - a paediatric version of that which adults received - arrived in New Zealand last weekend ahead of the rollout. 

The vaccine has been through a rigorous testing process. It's been approved - and rolled out - in a number of countries overseas. It has received the thumbs up from Medsafe as being both safe and effective for the age group, and signed off by Cabinet who took the advice of New Zealand's COVID-19 Technical Advisory Group. 

They're a group of health professionals from across the country assessing COVID-19, the vaccines and the best responses to the pandemic.

Link to video and article: Children's COVID-19 vaccine: Questions about benefits, risks answered | Newshub


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