Te reo Māori Wordle

For the uninitiated, Wordle is a very simple, brainteaser-style word game. You can only play once per day. Every player is trying to guess a word - the same word, for everyone. They're given six attempts. If one of your guesses has any of the correct letters, the game tells you.

Emile Donovan spoke to New York-based Wordle creator Josh Wardle over the weekend, and now a version in te reo Māori has sprung up - called Panga.

Computer programmer Wayne McDougall is behind the te reo Māori called Panga - meaning riddle or puzzle.

He told Jesse Mulligan that after he saw the RNZ interview with the original creator, he posted a link in the feed to te reo Māori version and it has since "exploded in popularity".

"I discovered [Wordle] on Twitter. It suddenly became very popular. Everyone was posting their results and eventually I succumbed and gave it a go myself. And now I'm a daily practitioner."

Link to article: Panga: Te reo Māori Wordle | RNZ News


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