Māori-backed third supermarket group

would 'benefit Pākehā too'

Māori involvement in a third supermarket group would benefit all New Zealanders by ensuring a break-up of the current duopoly did lower food prices, says Matthew Tukaki, the chairman of the National Māori Authority, Nga Ngaru Rautahi o Aotearoa.

Tukaki said the Commerce Commission, which is due to complete a market study into the $22 billion groceries industry in March, should “absolutely” consider recommending the forced sale of Foodstuffs and Countdown’s Four Square and Fresh Choice stores as an option to help make way for a third player.

“Four Square stores are dominant players in regional and rural communities with high Māori populations, so that could be one way of dealing with it,” Tukaki said.

“It has got to be an option among many things that need to happen.”

Link to article and video: Māori-backed third supermarket group would 'benefit Pākehā too' | Stuff.co.nz 


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