Covid-19 pandemic response

'clearly tailored to Pākehā' - Māori Council

And for two days in a row, there have been no new cases among Pākehā, something Māori health experts say highlights a disproportionate response.

An analysis by health researcher Dr Rawiri Taonui showed that for 80 days now, Māori have either been the highest or second-highest number of cases, and he told Midday Report Māori are now at about 50 percent total of all cases in the Delta outbreak.

"It's really clear that Māori are seriously disadvantaged and disproportionately represented in the Delta numbers," he said.

"More than half of total cases in Delta, nearly 50 percent of active cases. The rate of hospitalisation for Māori is increasing at double the rate of all other ethnicities, and we're also nearly half of deaths in the Delta outbreak."

Dr Taonui's analysis also found that Pākehā cases are plummeting. On Sunday and Monday, there were no Pākehā cases at all, he said.

Link to article: Covid-19 pandemic response 'clearly tailored to Pākehā' - Māori Council (msn.com)


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