Teen shares experience of mental health system:

Teen shares experience of mental health system:

Quinn wanted to share her story because she's not the only one who is struggling to get help, and she wants better - for herself, her peers, and generations to come.

"I've been trying to get help for so many years, sometimes it gets to the point where I feel there's nothing else to do," she says of why she has harmed herself in the past.

"It feels like nothing is going to get better."

Quinn has long been an anxious child, overwhelmed by school and gatherings, and known to hibernate in her room. But adolescence has magnified everything 10-fold, her mum Jane* says.

Quinn says she loves her family but being around them is too much. She doesn't have friends, lacks motivation to do basic tasks, and can't cope at school. She left earlier this year and has spent most of the time in her room since. She has frequent anxiety attacks and is frightened of everything, her mum says.

Link to article: Teen shares experience of mental health system: 'It feels like no one is listening' | RNZ News


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