10-year-old Rotorua girl's fundraiser

in honour of her Nan

Magic netball team were at a special brain tumour support fundraiser in Rotorua today in honour of Addy, the grandmother of a young Māori girl.

10-year-old Tyla-Jaz, who says her grandmother was her best friend, came up with the idea for the fundraiser.

"Last year, my Nan passed away from a brain tumour," says Tyla-Jaz, who set up a small stall 'TJ & Co' at Geyser City Squash courts.

"It's a fundraiser for NZ Brain Tumour Support, they have their awareness week starting this week," her dad said.

"It's a special kaupapa for our whānau, we lost my mother-in-law, my partner Keita's mother, to brain cancer.

Link to video and article: 10-year-old Rotorua girl's fundraiser in honour of her Nan | Te Ao Māori News (teaomaori.news)


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