Boycott Pak'nSave, New World -

National Māori Authority

The National Māori Authority is calling for a boycott of New World and Pak'nSave after a decision to dump Māori-owned seafood provider Sealord's products in favour of a foreign brand .

Jobs at Sealord are on the line after New World and Pak'nSave parent company, the Foodstuffs (North Island) cooperative, decided to "delete" some of the iwi half-owned fishing company products following a range review. Sealord says 50-80% will be removed from shelves but Foodstuffs North Island disputes that, saying the supermarkets are continuing to range 70% of Sealord products.

Māori Authority Chair Matthew Tukaki says the decision is two-faced and reeks of profiteering.

Link to video and article: Boycott Pak'nSave, New World - National Māori Authority | Te Ao Māori News (teaomaori.news)


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