A tale of two Māori

vaccination rollouts

Maps and graphs divided by ethnicity show Māori rates lagging. As of late last week the DHB with the highest double-jab rate among Māori was Auckland at just 63 percent compared to the overall rate of 82 percent. Taranaki and the Bay of Plenty both hit just 43 percent for Māori (compared to 63 and 65 percent respectively).

But within that data are pockets where vaccination numbers are pushing towards 100 percent.
Letters to the editor-writers and keyboard warriors blame "lazy" and "stupid" Māori for poor turnout to vaccination centres. More reasoned explanations have pointed to lack of access and opportunity.
"Where we're at is not looking promising," says Jamie Tahana, Māori news journalist at RNZ.

"As the Delta outbreak spreads further, more than half of each day's cases are Māori people and we make up 16 percent of the population. So it is fast becoming an outbreak among Māori, and vaccination rates are far behind.

“These two facts laid side by side ... it’s very worrying right now."

Link to article: A tale of two Māori vaccination rollouts (msn.com)


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