The young barrister taking on

the Family Court

The fallout from child uplift practices carried out by Oranga Tamariki and signed off by the Family Court continues to be felt in homes and courtrooms throughout the country. But in one extraordinary case, a young lawyer is taking on the power of the Family Court as she attempts to have children returned to their mother.

A lawyer who usually represents litigants in matters of money laundering and defences under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act, has stuck a spear right into the heart of the seemingly impenetrable Family Court.

This civil and criminal barrister, who cannot be identified under Family Court reporting restrictions and who has never worked in family law before, is representing a mother whose young children were uplifted from her on a without notice order by police late one night in 2017.

Link to article: The Young Barrister Taking on the Family Court | Newsroom


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