Aue! It’s a new te ao Māori podcast

from The Spinoff

“Nē” is such a versatile, complex expression. It’s both a statement and a question, which variously means “really?”, “I agree”, “holy shit!” and “huh, I didn’t know that” depending on the tone. To me that sums up the conversations we’ll be having, and the curiosity that drives us.

I’m joined by two incredible co-pilots on this project: Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes (Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Rangitihi) is a multimedia content creator who films, edits, narrates, translates and writes. He was a journalist with Māori Television for five years, and his te reo videos and astute lens on social issues on Instagram have earned him a huge following. Te Kuru also joins us as writer, and will be publishing once a week on the many and varied aspects of te ao Māori that make it so rich, complex and beautiful.

Link to article: Aue! It’s a new te ao Māori podcast from The Spinoff | The Spinoff


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