New Zealand's violent

extremism problem

Comment: Following the Royal Commission report on the Christchurch terrorist attacks and the New Lynn terrorist attack, there is growing pressure on the Government to roll out new countering violent extremism (CVE) and de-radicalisation initiatives and programmes.

Such programmes, it is believed, can divert individuals away from committing future acts of political violence. A recent article, for example, makes a plea for universities to tackle the threat of radicalisation through student-focused programmes. Others have suggested that such programmes be rolled out or extended in the prison system, the mental health sector, local communities and the like.

Because New Zealand has little previous experience in this area, the temptation will be to base such initiatives on programmes overseas. The UK’s Prevent programme, for example, has been expanding and intensifying for more than a decade. Today, it includes the education section, including schools and universities, the health sector, local government, community groups and even parents, in formalised efforts to identify individuals perceived to be at-risk of radicalisation or violent extremism.

Link to article: New Zealand's violent extremism problem (msn.com)


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