Once a bustling early Māori village,

nothing remains of Pahi

For Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori 2021, The Southland Times has chosen six places from the Ngāi Tahu Atlas that help tell the story of our region.

The Kā Huru Manu (The Ngāi Tahu Cultural Mapping Project) has mapped out more than 1000 original Māori place names, kā ara tawhito (traditional travel routes) and the original Māori land allocations in the Ngāi Tahu takiwā (area).

These place names represented a significant symbol of the Ngāi Tahu historical association and relationships in the Aotearoa landscape. They were primarily associated with people, historical events, geographical features, and the natural flora and fauna.

The place names have been fully referenced from whānau manuscripts, published books, manuscripts, published books, 19th century maps, newspaper articles and a vast array of unpublished material.

Link to article and video: Once a bustling early Māori village, nothing remains of Pahi | Stuff.co.nz


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