New isolation rules

cutting off food support for families

Last week a new Section 70 notice was brought in under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act.

Now, not only do visitors of locations of interest have to self-isolate pending a day five negative test, their whole household does too.

This means visiting food banks is off the table.

South Seas Healthcare chief executive Silao Vaisola-Sefo told RNZ in homes where nobody was allowed outside, hungry people faced difficult choices.

"If they're self-isolating at home for whatever period there is actually no one to get food for them. So they're having to come out to actually get that support... So we are looking at ways of how do we support them safely so they don't have to leave their homes but, as you can imagine, we're really stretched."

Link to article: New isolation rules cutting off food support for families (msn.com)


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