Otago Museum

looking at te reo Maori name change

A te reo Maori name change could be on the cards for Otago Museum.

Museum director Dr Ian Griffin said in his report to the Otago Museum Trust board meeting yesterday the museum’s Maori advisory committee would meet mana whenua representatives to consider recommending a Maori name.

Dr Griffin said the process was driven by mana whenua not the museum.

He did not want to be seen to predetermine anything, or influence a decision.

With Toitu and Te Papa as examples, the idea was not an unusual one and the museum had a 150-year history with mana whenua, Dr Griffin said.

He understood whether to give the museum a Maori name would be considered carefully.

"I would emphasise that that’s very much mana whenua’s call.

They may choose to give us a name, they may not.

"I’m hopeful that they will."

Link to article: Otago Museum looking at te reo Maori name change | Otago Daily Times Online News (odt.co.nz)


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