Tūpuna portraits helping prisoners

connect with whakapapa

Since 2016, through their Behind the Wire - Rangatahi ki Rangatira, the Nordstroms have been taking portraits of men from the Te Ao Marama unit in Waikeria Prison. 

As of June 2021, Māori make up 53.1 per cent of the country's prison population. 

The Nordstroms also take portraits of people in Māori, Pasifika, Native American and First Nations regalia with their Soldiers Rd Potraits.

They have been doing so since 2013.

"We recreate images of our people looking like our tūpuna and the dignified look of old portraiture on marae."

Due to the success of Soldiers Rd, Taaniko Nordstrom told Breakfast herself and her sister-in-law wanted to give back by going into prisons. 

Link to video and article: Tūpuna portraits helping prisoners connect with whakapapa | 1 NEWS | TVNZ


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