Professor stands by contentious letter

calling mātauranga Māori 'unscientific'

One of the professors behind a contentious letter dismissing mātauranga Māori as science stands by what was said, claiming the authors were trying to defend science.

The letter was published in The Listener last week and was signed by seven professors from the University of Auckland - Kendall Clements, Garth Cooper, Emeritus Professor Michael Corballis, Douglas Elliffe, Elizabeth Rata, Emeritus Professor Robert Nola, and Emeritus Professor John Werry.

The letter was in response to an NCEA working group's proposed changes to the Māori school curriculum, which would "promote parity for mātauranga Māori with other bodies of knowledge". It would also include discussion on the way science has been used as a rationale for the colonisation of Māori.

Link to article and video: Professor stands by contentious letter calling mātauranga Māori 'unscientific' (msn.com)


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