Five of the most sacred Māori sites

in New Zealand

Blessed be Aotearoa, a land full-to-bursting with sacred sites. Many of our best-known landmarks have strong spiritual significance to Māori, helping tell the stories of how our nation came to be.

Heritage New Zealand recognises more than 180 wāhi tapu – which it defines as places sacred to Māori in the traditional, spiritual, religious, ritual or mythological sense – but there are many more scattered throughout the country. In some cases, the stories behind them are recorded in official historic records, while others remain largely unknown to all but local iwi.

Wherever you wander in New Zealand, it’s well worth seeking those stories out. Especially if you’re serious about getting to know our country properly and reconnecting with our culture. Below are five sites considered particularly sacred. Every proud Kiwi should visit at least once.

Link to article and video: Five of the most sacred Māori sites in New Zealand | Stuff.co.nz


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