Taonga returns home

ahead of Rua Kēnana symposium

Tears flowed as a taonga with whakapapa to Tūhoe prophet Rua Kēnana was returned home last week ahead of a symposium this weekend to reflect on his life and legacy.

The taonga, a kahu huruhuru (feathered cloak), belonged to Rua Kēnana's daughter Pinepine and was stolen by armed police when they raided the village of Maungapōhatu in the Urewera Ranges to arrest Rua Kēnana on false charges 105 years ago.

Police also killed two Māori men at the settlement, including Rua Kēnana's son Toko.

The symposium will be held at Tuapou Marae on the anniversary of the invasion. It also marks one year since the passing of the Rua Kēnana Pardon Bill in which the Crown apologised for the atrocities committed and provided a statutory pardon restoring Rua Kēnana's character, mana, and reputation.

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