Replacing the traditional tie

with taonga Māori

From waka exhibitions to talking about ties, Te Rawhitiroa Bosch has come up with an alternative for the traditional tie.

A Māori alternative to the tie named "Whakakai Maripi" has gone viral online in the wake of the Rawiri Watiti fight to wear his hei-tiki. The carved taiaha tongue concept was designed by artist and photographer, Te Rawhitiroa Bosch who is encouraging other Māori to be proud of taonga Māori.
Bosch, of Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahu and Pākehā descent, discussed how the concept came about for him and his little brother, in creating a taonga that could replace the tie but was formal, special, and would be connected to ahurea Māori.

During a past visit to Hawai'i, Te Rawhitiroa says, "I saw some of the taonga that they had in Hawai'i. Some of the work was not necessarily worn but the shape of one of them kind of came to mind.  My little bro was talking about it, 'it would be cool to have a upoko taiaha as a whakakai.'

"To bring that concept to reality, because neither my brother nor I are carvers, we reached out to my good bro, Rakai Rewharewha, and he's brought it to life. 

Link to article and video: Replacing the traditional tie with taonga Māori | Te Ao Māori News (teaomaori.news)


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