Māori TV, Te Ao Māori News

launch new mobile apps

Māori Television has launched two new mobile phone apps.

The apps, Te Ao Māori News and Māori TV, are designed to send important alerts and messages quickly to users and provide free access to a range of news and entertainment.

“No matter where people are on their reo Māori language journey, they can learn with us at any time from the comfort of their own space, on their own device. For others, it’s a doorway to a unique world that’s on our doorstep,” said Māori Television’s Tāhuhu Rangapū Shane Taurima.

“Importantly, it is instant information, alerts and updates for our communities – especially in an era of Covid-19. Māori Television was a core communicator during lockdowns and can now deliver even faster if needed.”

Link to article: Māori TV, Te Ao Māori News launch new mobile apps | Stuff.co.nz


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