Te Paati Māori takes on

Parliament with humour

Te Paati Māori co-leaders Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Rawiri Waititi started off the term with clashes with the Speaker and a bit of interior redecorating. As part of a year in review series, they spoke to Newsroom about their working relationship and plans for the next three years

"Oh, are those still here?" Debbie Ngarewa-Packer mutters to Rawiri Waititi as they enter the room.
We're meeting in Te Paati Māori's new caucus room. A dozen old political cartoons from the Muldoon era adorn the walls - the source of Ngarewa-Packer's scorn.

"We've been waiting for those to be taken down for weeks," Te Paati Māori co-leader tells me, before grabbing one of the frames and trying to take it down. Waititi, the party's male co-leader, suggests it could be dealt with later but Ngarewa-Packer pulls a chair to the wall to boost herself up and manages to take most of the cartoons down over the course of our conversation.

Waititi merely laughs and gestures for me to start asking questions.

Link to article: Te Paati Māori Takes on Parliament With Humour | Newsroom


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