Stress, lockdowns

and changed eating habits

The Covid Kai Survey has revealed that most people ate more sweet and salty snacks, white bread and pasta, processed meat and sugary drinks during Level four.

"It was not such a great story, but it is what we're seeing in countries overseas as well," says Dr Sarah Gerritsen, a research fellow at Auckland University's School of Population Health. She led the survey of 3,028 people when New Zealand was at alert levels 3 and 4.

"This has been a really stressful year and when you're stressed you react in a way that is perhaps not best for your health.” 

The research was part of an international study across 38 countries led by researchers at the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

Today, Gerritsen tells The Detail's Sharon Brettkelly about the surprises in the survey results and why it was no coincidence that people stocked up on junk food at the supermarket, and then rushed to their favourite fast food outlet when lockdown ended.

Link to article: Stress, lockdowns and changed eating habits | RNZ


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