‘Two wrongs

don’t make a right’

The sad tale of four young children placed 'forever' in the care of two foster parents, but after a change of policy at Oranga Tamariki finding themselves taken from their home again into a new and unknown world. Melanie Reid and Bonnie Sumner report.

“I told you I’d find you a new place to live. This is your forever home. You’ll never have to leave again.”

It was March 8, 2018 and these were the words of an Oranga Tamariki social worker to three little girls sitting in the lounge of their new home - their third in as many years - after being uplifted from a violent household as toddlers. They would soon be joined by their newborn brother.

Fast forward to a sunny Saturday morning eight weeks ago, two Oranga Tamariki staff members pulled into the driveway of the children’s semi-rural South Island home.

The older kids understood what was happening – they knew they were saying goodbye to the people and the place they had been told would be theirs forever.

Link to article: 'Two wrongs don't make a right'. | Newsroom


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