Wahine challenges Māori

to not spell their name to customer service agents

Online blogger and Clinical Psychologist, Kiri Tamihere-Waititi has laid down a challenge to Māori by encouraging them not to spell out their names when conversing with customer service representatives.

The challenge comes following a recent phone call she had when a customer service agent asked how to spell her last name.

“Something happened to me, I don't know what it was but I said to her, ‘actually, how about you give it a go?’

“How about you try to spell my name and I will help you along the way," she said. 
Tamihere-Waititi says that it was a bit awkward and the representative was surprised but she was able to guide her through spelling her name correctly.

Link to article and videos: https://www.teaomaori.news/wah...


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