The website helping Māori access crucial data

about their own communities

A new website has consolidated data about and involving Māori, making it easier for iwi groups, trusts and Māori communities to access the statistics that impact their lives.

A collaboration years in the making, the new Figure NZ and Callaghan Innovation website Pātaka Raraunga aims to make Māori data access easier for everyone. Consolidating thousands of data sets from hundreds of sources into one hub with tools, reports and graphs all about Māori, it’s been made to help Māori find out more about themselves.

Ngapera Riley, CEO of statistics website Figure NZ, knew creating a website of Māori data would be an ambitious project, but realised how hard it can be to access statistics often buried in ministry websites. 

“Data is quite scary for some people, and it’s not just about pulling the data together, it’s about making it easier to find. There are 185 government agencies that collect data and most of them put it out in various sources, so we were trying to solve that problem with technology.”

Link to article: https://thespinoff.co.nz/atea/...


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