Te reo Māori more than just flavour of the week

“He aroha whakatō, he aroha puta mai.” “If kindness is sown, then kindness you shall receive. “

It was with much pride on a mid-September Monday morning that I opened our very own The Southland Times and saw the usual masthead – the name of the paper – replaced with Te Karere o Murihiku.

To me it looked perfect. I would be happy seeing that on every copy of The Southland Times, not just for one week of the year.

Murihiku is the steering part of the waka that fished up the North Island. We could be frontrunners in the country and lead mainstream media by having our paper’s name in te reo Māori.

It has been pleasing to see more daily articles written byTe Karere o Murihiku’sDamian Rowe highlight our local marae. My hope is that this would not be something that just happens one week of the year but is a regular feature of our local paper.

Link to article:https://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/opinion/122953329/te-reo-mori-more-than-just-flavour-of-the-week


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