We have the power to ensure

te reo thrives in Aotearoa

If someone had told me decades after my childhood we would still be shovelling money into the America’s Cup, I would have dropped my 12-sided, Dungeons and Dragons dice and laughed in their face.

Why are we still enduring this never-ending ritual hazing: forking out cash, pleading to get a beating, “again please sir”, with confetti-popper stuffed red socks? Just so we can hang out with the cool kids.

Sadly, the plucky underdog in this tale is of course reality. The nice-to-have gliding over the necessary.

Link to article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/pou-tiaki/te-reo-maori/300105511/we-have-the-power-to-ensure-te-reo-thrives-in-aotearoa


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