NZ Election 2020: Māori Party proposes new independent child agency,

says Oranga Tamariki staff 'do not care' about Māori babies

The Māori Party wants to take Māori children out of Oranga Tamariki's care, saying staff "either do not understand or do not care" about Māori.

Instead it's proposing a Mokopuna Māori Entity, "which will be responsible for the care of all mokopuna Māori in Aotearoa".

Oranga Tamariki would be left only looking after non-Māori children - which make up only about a third of its total caseload.

Link to article and video: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2020/09/nz-election-2020-m-ori-party-proposes-new-independent-child-agency-says-oranga-tamariki-staff-do-not-care-about-m-ori-babies.html


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