Caution urged over 'out of blue' proposal to limit special pathway

for Māori, Pasifika at Otago Med School

The Medical Council is adding its voice to the chorus of concern about Otago University medical school’s closed-door discussions about capping the number of special entry students.

Groups representing the country’s medical school student population have been trying to secure a meeting with the university’s leader to urge against changes discussed in a selection policy document.

The document talks of limiting the number of special category – Māori, Pasifika, rural, refugee and low socioeconomic – students who can be selected into the medical school.

While there is a limit on the total number of students who can study medicine there is currently no restriction on the proportion who come from special categories.

Of the 202 students granted entry from the 2019 first year health science course, 120 came from special categories.

Link to article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/pou-tiaki/122715658/caution-urged-over-out-of-blue-proposal-to-limit-special-pathway-for-mori-pasifika-at-otago-med-school


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