Christchurch chippy bringing te reo

to the table with kīnaki on your kai

It's fairly rare to see Māori-branded mainstream food products, so a Christchurch business has decided to change that, starting with an iconic Kiwi condiment.

Anton Matthews has been dishing up fish and chips with a side of te reo since he opened his doors.

Fush, Wigram's local chippy, is a proud kaitiaki of Te Reo Māori, and he takes every opportunity to further educate his customers with his customs.

Now he's going bigger, teaming up with Barkers of Heratini (Geraldine) to release an old Kiwi favourite with a new look - and a name that he hopes will catch on.

Link to videos and article: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/christchurch-chippy-bringing-te-reo-table-k-naki-your-kai


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