Election 2020:

John Tamihere on why 2020 isn't the Māori Party's year

John Tamihere is typically straight up: This will not be the Māori Party’s year.

New Zealand is in crisis, and it’s not the crisis Tamihere wants to talk about, and it’s a crisis that has dampened the prospects of the political party which he co-leads.

"With Jacinda all over everything it's changed the whole landscape politically. In February, NZ First and-or us could have held the balance of power, so fine was the line between National and Labour. Along came Covid and that's no longer the case.”

Such a lament will not be uncommon this election.

Link to video and article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/122524904/election-2020-john-tamihere-on-why-2020-isnt-the-mori-partys-year


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