Streaming Māori students into

low-expectation classes limits future pathways - report

A report has identified that streaming Māori students into low expectation classes is one of the key barriers limiting their options to future pathways.

The report He Awa Ara Rau: A Journey of Many Paths is a collaboration between Waikato-Tainui, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, The Southern Initiative and BERL.
The findings

The data research project tracked the journey of more than 70,000 rangatahi through education into employment. The report is a summary of the research findings, telling the story of 100 rangatahi Māori starting their education journey.

The report found that at the age of 25, 69 of the 100 Māori school leavers were employed. Out of the other 31 who were not employed, 19 of them had no tertiary education, five had achieved Level 1 to 3 NCEA, five had achieved Level 4 to 6 at tertiary level and two had a degree.

The report finds some students don’t get given the chance to believe in themselves. For example, 33 percent of Māori were found to not have enrolled in the Year 11 Algebra assessment. 

Link to article: https://www.teaomaori.news/streaming-maori-students-low-expectation-classes-limitsfuture-pathways-report


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