What is Islam’s

appeal to Māori?

Islam is set to become the largest religion in the world in the next four decades and is one of the fastest-growing religions in Aotearoa New Zealand - particularly among Māori. Dr Ayca Arkilic is exploring Islam’s growing appeal and the socio-political implications of conversion.

As demonstrated by census data and various academic studies, conversion to Islam has been on the rise in Aotearoa New Zealand. Following the 2019 Christchurch attacks, three to five people a day were converting at a Wellington mosque, according to the International Muslim Association of New Zealand.

Among Māori, there is a particular interest in the religion, with the Qur’an translated into Te Reo Māori in 2008 and Māori Muslims organising halal hāngī and ‘Matariki at the Mosque’ events. Plans have even been made to build a mosque-marae hybrid in Christchurch that brings together Islam and Te Ao Māori.

So what is the particular appeal for Māori? And what do these developments mean for Islam, the Muslim community and Aotearoa New Zealand?

Link to article: https://www.newsroom.co.nz/ideasroom/what-is-islams-appeal-to-maori


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