Māori woman says landlord told her he didn't want 'her sort' in his house

"I asked him whether the house was still available, he said it was,"

A Māori woman says a Christchurch landlord told her he didn't want "her sort" renting his property.

Iwi Kemp had applied for 10 rentals but had no luck - after a friend joked it could be because of her name, Kemp reapplied under the name Maria, NZME reported. 

Three landlords got back to her and one set up a viewing for the next day.

Link: https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/m%C4%81ori-woman-says-landlord-told-her-he-didn-t-want-her-sort-in-his-house/ar-BB1756vT?ocid=msedgdhp#image=1


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