17-year-old launches book about maramataka Māori

'....it would help us with our overall wellbeing and health’.”

Today Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga student Hana Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke launches her new book at her school in Huntly.

The book, Maahina, encourages rangatahi to take an interest in the stars and the moon to heal themselves.

“I wanted rangatahi Māori to become more aware of the environment and how it can help us physically mentally and emotionally and help us with the everyday things we do in life like studying and NCEA.”

The 17-year-old created Maahina about seven months ago.

“It was a little scary just because there are 400 different variations of maramataka within each iwi so I had to make sure I was doing it properly and then I brought the kaupapa into my school and they helped  me support me and here I am today with my book.”

Link to video and article: https://www.teaomaori.news/17-year-old-launches-book-about-maramataka-maori


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