Beauty industry racism criticisms prompt changes

"We must be aware of any racist undertones that we are trying to push through.

A consultant whose firm educates companies on diversity and culture is calling on brands and consumers to re-consider selling and buying products with racist overtones.

Conversations about racism are shaking up the fashion and beauty industry in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, with companies vowing to make changes to branding and products after the death of US man George Floyd.

Food companies are also reconsidering their branding in response to criticism over racism.

Ludo Consulting owner, Melanie Sharma-Barrow manages companies by promoting culture, inclusion and diversity within companies and said most food brands and advertising was riddled with racism.

Companies needed to do a better job at educating themselves on the branding and imagery linked to their products, she said. There is obvious racism within marketing and advertising of beauty and fashion with the ideal woman pictured often being white, and blonde.

She encouraged consumers to harness their power to make a change and speak up about racism.

"We must be aware of any racist undertones that we are trying to push through. For providers of products I would like them to embrace the responsibility of projecting a global society and from the consumer side ... for people to put thought into what they are buying."

Link to article: https://www.msn.com/en-nz/lifestyle/other/beauty-industry-racism-criticisms-prompt-changes/ar-BB15Tr36?ocid=msedgdhp


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