Eighteen ex-social workers recruited from temporary register through national campaign

Unsurprising’ level of recruitment

Lack of employer demand and knowledge and skills gaps among reasons cited for less than 2% of those expressing an interest in rejoining workforce returning through campaign.

The national campaign to bring up to 8,000 former social workers back into the profession to bolster the workforce during Covid-19 has resulted in the recruitment of 18 practitioners during its first two months.

Over 1,000 people expressed an interest in returning to work as temporarily registered social workers through the Social Work Together campaign and 95 councils expressed an interest in recruiting through it.

But of those to express an interest, just under 2% are now in the workforce, through recruitment is continuing. In response to the figures, social work leaders said they were likely to reflect demand not being as great as anticipated from employers, and the fact that much recruitment – including of people from the temporary register – has happened through local campaigns.

However, concerns were also raised that people potentially returning to practice may have had knowledge and skills gaps and, with a surge in demand for services expected as the lockdown lifts, any issues with the campaign needed to be addressed.

The full article: https://www.communitycare.co.uk/2020/06/08/eighteen-ex-social-workers-recruited-temporary-register-national-campaign/


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