Raising grandson easier

than negotiating 'minefield' of social services

A retired man unexpectedly thrust back into parenting claims he was told to “toughen up” when he questioned his 20-day wait for a meeting with Work and Income.

The agency has denied such language was used, but has apologised for not considering him for emergency assistance.

Peter Sargent, 68, didn’t think twice when he stepped up to become the primary carer for his 11-year-old grandson in late March.

Navigating the needs and emotions of an adolescent doesn’t faze him, but the struggle to get the attention and support of social services, in his pursuit of an unsupported child’s benefit, has left him stunned and worried about other grandparents in similar scenarios.

Link to video and article: Raising grandson easier than negotiating 'minefield' of social services | Stuff.co.nz


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