Melatonin –

the great sleep salve?

The number of Kiwi kids prescribed melatonin for sleep struggles has more than doubled in four years. Nikki Macdonald investigates whether the darkness hormone is a miracle drug, or a poor substitute for scarce sleep support services.

From day one, baby bedtime was “full-on war” for Maria Sanchez.

Mattias would sleep for 45 minutes to an hour, tops. As he got older, he’d climb out of his cot and try to play. Ignore him and there’d be a meltdown.

She and husband Mac Fuiava Pouniu took turns dealing with the constant waking, but fatigue gnawed at everything. At about aged one, Mattias went 48 hours without a nap. Sanchez was so worried, she took him to hospital.

Link to video and article: Melatonin – the great sleep salve? | Stuff.co.nz


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