How forestry slash can become

a positive resource

Cyclone Gabrielle has had a devastating impact on Aotearoa, bringing major concerns to the fore about climate change and forestry management. The news reports from February will stay long in the memory, particularly the huge volumes of slash that contributed to our worst floods this century. As managing slash becomes an urgent nationwide issue, one company has devised a solution that can turn the problem into a positive.

Forestry and timber company OneFortyOne is a business with a plan — to turn New Zealand's unwanted forestry slash into biofuel. According to the business, slash has huge potential to be used as biofuel when salvaged, recycled, and repurposed. The biofuel made from slash can also help organisations move away from coal and fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources, it says.

Link to article: How forestry slash can become a positive resource | Stuff.co.nz


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