Māori-led solutions

tackle housing inequities

A conference on Māori housing held in Rotorua was attended by over 900 people who are on the front line of dealing with homelessness and providing solutions. By Aaron Smale.

Speakers at a conference on Māori housing highlighted how major events like Covid-19 and Cyclone Gabrielle have exposed serious housing issues for Māori communities, but also put forward solutions they have seen work.

The biennial conference is being held in Rotorua after first being launched there in 2010. This year’s conference attracted more than 900 registrations. Wayne Knox, general manager of Te Matapihi Trust, which is focused on Māori housing, was the keynote speaker and he acknowledged that events over the past few years had severely impacted Māori access to housing, including Covid and Cyclones Hale and Gabrielle. But he said there were many solutions Māori were coming up with to respond to the needs of their people.

Link to article: Māori-led solutions tackle housing inequities (msn.com)


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