Homelessness, housing insecurity

remain significant for Māori - study

Māori homelessness is firmly anchored in colonisation and the rapid alienation of Māori land, destruction of their economic base, among other things, a study has shown.

The kaupapa Māori research by academic Dr Keri Rose Lawson-Te Aho found that homelessness and access to healthy, secure and affordable housing were systemic challenges faced by whānau across Aotearoa.

The study also revealed that the demise of Māori worldviews and oppression of Māori during the colonial period of New Zealand’s history and beyond had also contributed to the crisis.

Housing policies over decades have not met the needs of Māori, it said.

Link to video and article: Homelessness, housing insecurity remain significant for Māori - study | Stuff.co.nz


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