The obligation

of citizenship

Denis O’Reilly’s community in Waiohiki, Hawke’s Bay, is one of many still reeling from Cyclone Gabrielle and the flooding. In this update, he writes about the continuing challenges, and why the census matters even in the midst of so much displacement.

First up, thank you. I love this land Aotearoa and the people who inhabit it — tangata whenua and tangata Tiriti. Thank you all for the support.

Come the day when you’re in need, as in the past, Waiohiki will be there for you, too. We understand intergenerational reciprocity. Thank you and bless you, Aotearoa.

Wouldn’t you know it, yesterday we had another thunderclap event with an intense downpour. “Oh no.”

A lightning strike caused a phoenix palm to burst into flames. Is Ranginui having some sort of competition with Thor? It passed, but the tamariki staying in mobile homes at Waiohiki get apprehensive every time it rains.

Link to article: The obligation of citizenship - E-Tangata


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