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Pākaitore statue “has no future here”

Pākaitore, also known as Moutoa Gardens, is a significant historic site in the Whanganui town centre. In the 1800s it was a trading post and fishing village for Whanganui iwi, later becoming a port for Pākehā settlers.

In 1995, Pākaitore was in the news every night as protestors occupied Moutoa Gardens, sparking a 79-day occupation.

The protests attracted a strong police presence and divided public opinion but were resolved peacefully after 79 days.

Every year on February 28, Whanganui iwi return to Pākaitore to celebrate their Whanganuitanga, commemorate the 1995 protests and highlight important issues.

Link to video and article: Local Focus: Pākaitore statue “has no future here” - NZ Herald


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